Importance of Travel Insurance while travelling outside the UAE

Travel insurance is the best way to ensure no unforeseen events disrupt your holiday or business trip. You will be better equipped to manage a crisis with a good travel insurance policy, giving you peace of mind and warding off any harrowing experiences that might ensue. Help is literally just a phone call away! Your long-awaited trip outside UAE may be affected by lost or delayed luggage, a shortened vacation due to a health emergency at home or abroad, a missed connecting flight or quite often, be exposed to adverse weather conditions. Taking such common risks into considering and taking a policy that covers you and your family is your first step to a smart travel plan.


Trip delay, curtailment or cancellation due to circumstances

Affordable travel insurance can be obtained from insurance companies in Dubai to cater for trips that have to be cut short or delayed for whatever reason; sickness in the family, injury or accident. You can be compensated for trips that have to be cancelled altogether or for late departures and missed connections. However, the cover that you choose will determine the extent of compensation and the assistance rendered.

Medical emergencies

Since ill health does not come with a prior appointment, it is necessary for a traveller to get himself insured and avoid any resulting inconvenience. Medical treatment and hospitalisation in foreign countries can be expensive and lead to further stress. It is advisable to be covered by a reputed insurance company, whose medical cover extends to the countries you might be visiting. In worst case scenarios, the absence of quality care facilities may require the expatriation or evacuation of the patient. These costs fortunately can be absorbed by an insurance policy obtained beforehand.